Eight-year Program Medical Student of Central South University Published Research Result in Nature Communications
March 10, 2017
As a co-first author, Su Rina, an eight-year program medical student published an academic paper onNature Communications (IF: 11.329),“The OncoPPi network of cancer-focused protein–protein intera...
Molecular Cell Published Research Found by Su Bin’s Team
March 10, 2017
Molecular Cell (online version), a companion to Cell which is the leading journal of biochemistry and biology, published the latest research paper of the research team led by Su Bin from Central So...
Dr. Wang Jianxin, Young Teacher of Central South University, Published Research in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
March 10, 2017
Dr. Wang Jianxin, a young teacher and a core member of Professor Rao Yulei’s team from the School of Business, CSU, published his paper “An experimental analysis of acquired impulse control among...
Doctor Lincoln Chen, President of China Medical Board Visits CSU for Negotiating Cooperation
March 1, 2017
On the afternoon of October 17, Vice President Chen Xiang held the first meeting with the delegation led by Dr. Lincoln Chen, President of China Medical Board (CMB), and Dr. Li Wenkai, Director of ...
2016 China’s aid Program to Sierra Leone Comes to a Successful End
March 1, 2017
On the morning of December 5, local time in Sierra Leone, the completion of the last operation marked the end of 2016 China’s aid Program to Sierra Leone. During the program, the medical group fro...
Professor Shu Chang Invited to Attend Veith Symposium and Deliver a Report for the 6th Consecutive Year
March 1, 2017
Recently, Prof. Shu Chang, Director of Vascular Surgery Department of the Second Xiangya Hospital and a famous doctor, was specially invited by Pro. Frank Veith, former President of International S...
The Research Team Led by Prof. Cai Zixing Publishes Several Books on Science and Technology
December 29, 2016
Recently, the research team led by Prof. Cai Zixing published several books on science and technology, including the 5th edition of Artificial Intelligence and its Application, the 3rd edition of F...
Liu Juewen Found a Two-Metal-Ions Dependent
December 11, 2015
Recently, Professor Liu Juewen from School of Medicine has found a DNA enzyme---Ce13d, which depends on two metal ions and has cleavage activity of RNA. He has uncovered the reaction site and react...
Prof.Tian Hongqi Elected as Member of CAE
December 10, 2015
On December 7, the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) officially released the list of newly recruited academicians in 2015. Professor Tian Hongqi from CSU was elected as the academician of Chines...
Visit of Argentine Vascular Surgery Experts to the Second Xiangya Hospital for Further Study
November 5, 2015
On November 1-3, more than 10 experts from 8 Argentine major medical centers of vascular surgery and thoracic surgery came to the Department of Vascular Surgery of the Second Xiangya Hospital, CSU ...

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